I posted previously on my experience at BOSS 2010, and I have been anxious to get back online and post again about all the ideas, thoughts & feelings swirling in my head and heart since returning.  However, having wrestled with the technology demon and lost a few  times, I have finally found a corner where the internet is working, and I am able to get a  quick post up in between business meetings which begin today and vacation which ended yesterday.

I must confess that the last few days of vacation, I was MIA.  As the beautiful red rocks of Sedona beckoned, I grabbed my cell phone and tucked it into my back pack just in case we had service at the top.  While my hubbie was admiring the grandeur, I shimmied down between 2 rocks, to a comfortable  plateau and checked in on new friends and the tweet stream surrounding BOSS 2010.  Sad to miss the wave of excitement that follows any high quality seminar, I sent out a few tweets and reveled in the camaraderie that comes from experience a life changing event together.

I did garner a number of scowls and raised eyebrows from the other hikers, seeming to wonder how I could be at the top of this incredible mountain, overlooking such beauty and have my face buried in my Iphone.  I smiled at their unveiled disdain , knowing that they just didn’t get it.  (neither for that matter did my hubbie… usually wonderfully supportive, he questioned the crazed look in my eyes as I talked about “having to find internet or ATT service.”)

What didn’t they get???  The emotion and connection that comes when you experience life changing stories and moments.  In a setting of 2 days, filled with teaching, net-working and incredible conversation with like minded people, coupled with the presence of leaders in the field, who are not only accessible, but personable, you cannot help but connect with others, be infused with vision and enthusiasm for your work and its purpose.  A lofty statement… yes, but it barely encompasses what transpired in those 2 days at BOSS 2010.

Going there as a newbie to the online marketing world was both thrilling and  humbling.  A bit like being the new kid at school, which is hard enough when you are young, but as an established professional, more than once on the flight to Dallas, I asked myself, “why was I doing this?  Entering an unknown world when the status quo was more than satisfactory.”  My answer was always the same… because I want more…I want to do more, be more, have more influence for good in the lives of others and this is a step in making that happen.”

So with new pens and a fresh notebook, I prepared myself to soak in all there was to learn.  What I didn’t expect, was the way that my heart would be engaged… the kindred spirits of those in attendance who were like-minded in being mission driven, similar in heart set being guided by values and a burning desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Business men and women looking to connect and partner with one another for mutual benefit and a greater good.   These unique features made BOSS 2010 unlike any other event I have attended.

I attribute them to the leadership and heart of the hostess, Carrie Wilkerson, the Barefoot Executive.  She drew a caliber of people, that I am privileged to be associated with, speakers whose success was amplified by their hearts and purpose driven work, all fueled by the transparent, authentic southern hospitiality that Carrie generously provided.  BOSS 2010 was not your average business conference.

Nothing about it was average… everything was so far above average that the twitter stream has over 100 pages of hash tags #BOSS2010, attendees have already marked their calendars and registered for next years events, and I have scrambled to find wifi to be able to join the conversation…wanting to connect with my new friends…wanting to be part of something bigger.

This is what Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive, and each of the speakers, as well as all the attendees have in common…. a purpose driven, mission/value based business drive and that combines for a sense of family, camaraderie and collaboration that is rare in the online marketing world today.

The passion stirred in my heart and the hearts of my fellow attendees has elevated our business.  The ripples are beginning and I didn’t want to wait until this next set of business meetings were over to post and share a bit of my experience.  I wanted to be part of the wave of emotion, excitement and action that follows Carrie and her mentoring. She inspires this in the people who she works and associates with. This is why I slipped away, one last time to share  a bit with you!!

and to tell you that I met one of my life time mentors… Zig Ziglar!

That is another post, and with more wi fi- I will add pictures!

stay tuned!

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