Anj did a five for friday list and i liked it.  the topic is:  Name 5 experiences of the performing Arts that have touched or tickled you…

i wasn’t tagged, i haven’t been playing in the blog world for so long, and it is a Monday;)

but here are mine…

  1. birth… it is definitely an artistic performance of epic proportions, between doctors, nurses, neonatologist, given my high-risk babies…and the other births i have been privileged to attend! there is anticipation, drama, climax, celebration, loss and hope in every telling!
  2. Six grade all county chorus performance, by with my eldest daughter performing. her hands gracefully moving to some lyrics about “be-ing her own person, a child with potential” my eyes welled up with tears.
  3. Hirsch horn outdoor garden sculpture: “Resting” I turned the corner, and there she was, on day when I desperately needed her…
  4. Les Miserables… every time, is saw it performed… but the first time with my husband , when Colm Wilkerson, played Val Jean changed my life.
  5. Fiddler on the Roof, @ Wolf Trap in Virginia, with Topol playing Tevye. Astounding… then watching the movie version with him in the same lead role, year after year with my family.

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