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Boomers and Millennials  are in the news, and a growing topic of conversation. Boomers complain about millennials and their lack of direction, sense of entitlement, and view of “reality!”  While Millennials fire back with Boomers are rigid, out of date and need to lighten up!  What if there is another option?

Boomers and Millennials  making an effort to understand each other AND learn and grow from the BEST of Both Generations?

My friend Brad Szollose, The Millennial Expert and award winning author of Liquid Leadership and I talk about BOTH! As cusp Boomers who work with or have parented millennials, we get it!  We want to help bridge the gap and help Boomers and Millennials understand each other.  We are doing a series entitled the same.

Hope you can join in!  Or catch the replay at the link below! #familyfriday!

TODAY!! 10:30am EST on 10/30!
Join Brad Szollose – Keynote Speakerand me as we chat on BLAB about:

Boomers & Millennials: A Different Approach to Almost Everything!

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