biz of marraige podcast-2Can you be successful in marriage and business at the same time?  Or do you have to choose between success in business or success in marriage?
I believe you can do both!!

I was recently interviewed to discuss this subject on the popular podcast : The Business of Marriage with Dino & Shannon Watt

Dino titled the interview Staying Positive with Susie Miller, which if you know anything about my story that is both an awesome and humorous title!

Married for 31 years, John and I often joke about how some of them were really good, others incredibly tough and the rest a bit of both…  so positivity and hopefulness are definitely part of my DNA.

He is a serial entrepreneur and has had his own business since her was 19 years old.  Learning about life and business and jumping in to my own entrepreneurial adventures has yielded lessons and insights about how to success as well as what not to do!

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What is one tip you have for creating a strong marriage while growing a successful business?

What is one question or issue you would like me to address in future posts or podcasts about this subject?

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