thaimagesnew-beginningt is what I am doing… beginning… again! 

Do you ever fell like life is a fit of stops and starts? I think I have been in this place- of beginning again- many times in my life.  I hope this beginning lasts a long time.   After a year of a self imposed break…of not blogging, barely being on FB or twitter and opting out of most activities, business building seminars and strategies, and a lot of just plain old life busy-ness… I am beginning again.

I believe that God had called me to stop trying so hard… to stop doing so much… to stop working so hard to earn value or create some type of lasting mark on the world… and to Just BE!  Be His daughter, Be still and know that He is where my value comes from, Be aware of all that clutters my life and mind and Be intentional about resting and restoring before moving forward.  It was a good year… a hard year.  I remember telling my mom one day, “I am working very hard at relaxing…”  Most of the year was about learning to accept my limitations, to see that God can use me just as I am, warts and all, not “once I get it together!’  (I mean do we ever really get it together??)

Most of Be still, and know that I am Godall it was about surrendering to God’s word:  “Be Still and Know that I AM God.”  I am learning that God doesn’t need me to do anything for Him, but that I Get to be part of His work and unfolding story.  I am learning that He does want to use me in the lives of others, as much as I long to be used and to be a blessing. I am learning to be humble and small as He increases through quiet times with Him… that this is what equips me to live well, to love others and to serve Him.  That is my hearts desire.  so I begin again…

one beginning is to use the gift that God has given me to write and encourage others… hopefully, you will find some thing of value in these posts.

if so, please comment…  and we can journey together.


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