beyoutiful be yourself everyone else is takenWe are constantly comparing ourselves to others; STOP!Just stop!!

Comparison is a soul sucking, hope crushing, brave killing, light snuffing black hole. We drown in the lies and forget that we have something to offer…
You, me and her… all of us have something precious, unique, splendid, BeYOUtiful that only we can share with the world.

We are so quick to criticize ourselves, diminish ourselves and we forget that we are talking trash about a precious child of God, His Princess Daughter.  What sorrow we bring to God’s heart and ours when we dwell on the lies and not in the truth.

Be willing to speak Gods truth about yourself. he says, you are beautiful, chosen, treasure!  I want to live in truth and not sink in the quicksand of lies –

I am able to do this far better as I   have gotten older, but some days its still a challenge when my insecurities leak out and I speak destructive words  to God’s girl.

Each time the mean girl surfaces, I can choose to speak likes or become the girl about who God says:  She Speaks Truth!!
Take a moment…right now and say something BeYOUtiful about yourself…

What, Me?? yes, you!
What is something that you like about yourself.

Say it out loud and then post it below… I dare you! and I’ll go first…

I love words!

I am BeYOUtiful at talking, writing, sharing, listening, teaching, speaking…

And I am willing to discuss anything, the elephant in the room, the uncomfortable stuff, the hard, crunchy, icky messy stuff,Yep, I’ll talk about that too! Especially if it leads to growth, restoration, redemption, freedom and grace with ourselves, others and brings us closer to God!

And I am Brave.

Okay.. now its your turn.



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