It’s that time of year again. It comes every year, & without fail, it never ceases to surprise me. “How can it be September already?” I ask myself every year! Do you feel the same way?

Suddenly pool bags are replaced with back packs, leisurely days are gone & the scramble to school begins. The yearly adventure of getting new school clothes, school supplies & getting “back on a schedule” often catches us in the under tow of not enough time.

Back to School Sanity comes from taking charge of this time of year as a parent. First, getting back on some

sort of regular schedule the week before school starts, while not popular, is an essential part of a smooth transition. It helps make the shock of early mornings less dramatic the first week of school. It has enough drama! Cleaning out desks, getting a system for papers and discussing the fall schedule are all components of a smooth transition.

You can make the preparation part a precursor for the more fun shopping part. Bringing new clothes & new school supplies into a space already prepared for them is fun & rewarding. It is also a great incentive to get the kids on board with the week before tasks and helps

set the tone for fall schedule changes. Our expectations change as well, & discussing them is important. Allow your kids to talk about their wants, fears & wishes for the upcoming year; get their input and suggestions on homework schedules, sports & extra curricular involvement . Invite them to “make a plan” for a successful start to the new year.

Spend time reading to them, or with them, break out the flash cards to review multiplication tables so their minds are geared more toward school activities. A few proactive steps can help every family make a smooth transition.


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