Actionable tips from Mike Kim’s Influence & Impact Event Speakers

    We’ve all been there… sitting at an event and wondering when the speaker will finish rather than being drawn in and learning from them.  This was NOT the case at Mike Kim’s Influence & Impact Event.   Mike graciously shared the stage with 6 speakers who imparted wisdom and actionable tips from their... Read more »

Mike Kim’s Influence & Impact Event

Connection trumped networking. Friends finally meeting face to face. A relaxed, generous, raucous crowd.   Mike Kim’s Influence & Impact event felt more like a reunion. Let me take you back to Tuesday at 4:15 in the afternoon when Mike closed the event. He graciously thanked the stellar speakers, gave kudos to his team, and special... Read more »

10 Things I Learned About My Husband That Made Me A Better Wife

Creating a strong marriage is hard work. A truth I was clueless about on my wedding day. Back then, I thought marriage would be fun and fabulous, like in fairy tales. As a veteran wife of 32 years, and a Marriage Coach for over 20 years, I‘ve learned these 10 things about men, in general, and... Read more »

The Art of Listening Well when a Friend is Facing Hard Times

  A few months ago, as I was finalizing the launch plan for my upcoming book, working harder than ever to balance work demands and family needs, I went through a very dark, personal trial.  For over three months, I received anonymous, inappropriate text messages, voicemails and images on my cell phone.  Each time the... Read more »

5 Ways to Improve Any Relationship

Tension at the dinner table, strained conversation with your spouse, tumult with your teen, confusion and chaos with coworkers…these are all common relationship problems that can lead to stress, anxiety and frustration. And nobody wants that. What we all want are better relationships with the people in our lives but often we have no idea... Read more »

Three Lessons That Dramatically Improved My Marriage

What started as a fairy tale, turned into a nightmare when I realized that my husband, John, didn’t complete me. The marriage didn’t meet my every need or take away my struggles, insecurities, or loneliness. Marriage helped in these areas, but ultimately, I am responsible for my growth. John didn’t complete me, and that isn’t... Read more »

5 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Wife in the Crazy Busyness of Life

Marriage is hard. They don’t tell us this before we say, “I do.” Falling in love is far easier than staying in love. After the wedding comes the marriage, and the work of connecting, communicating, and cohabitating. Life was just okay; we were humming along unaware of our drifting apart. My husband and I just... Read more »

3 Things to Say to Your Dad Before It’s Too Late

Show your appreciation with words that touch his heart and remind him just how grateful you are that he is your dad! Your words will mean the world to him. —   Deep down we all want to know our lives have an impact. I peeked into the sunroom, to check up on our son... Read more »

5 Ways to Stay Motivated After a Failure

Any worthwhile endeavor inevitably includes failure in our pursuit of success. No one likes to fail, and we certainly shy away from discussing our failures. The thought of broadcasting them to the world can cause an outbreak of hives. Yet, those who enjoy the greatest success, don’t fear failure and are even willing to talk... Read more »

3 Days Could Change the Course of Your Relationship!

Many couples don’t get enough time together due to work, entrepreneurship, and most of all KIDS! It is easy to go weeks without a significant interaction with your spouse, let alone a romantic one. Back when our kids were little, we were always tired. Too tired to talk. Too tired for date night. Too tired... Read more »