commitment- motivationWhen was the last time you felt motivated? You were energized about a new endeavor: a business idea, exercising, investing in a relationship or going all out to achieve a goal or lifelong dream (like writing a book)?

Remember the excitement, the emotional high… the great plans in your head of how you would make it happen? You were chomping at the bit, ready to go all in!!

An awesome feeling… right?

Motivation is essential for getting started, taking risks and creating change.

Now fast forward to when your motivation began to wane.

  • frustration hit as your business idea hit a few snags
  • wanting to hit the snooze button and skip the gym after a late night out
  • disappointment that your efforts in a relationship are not yielding the response you hope for
  • aching shoulders and mental fatigue from a long day of writing or working hard toward your goal

Motivation isn’t enough at these times.

Commitment is the ONLY thing that will see you through to the end.

  • commitment searches for a solution to business snags
  • commitment says yes, gets out of bed and heads to the gym when the rest of you says no/ or commitment fuels the discipline choosing not have a late night.
  • commitment continues to love and invest in relationships when feelings fade
  • commitment pushes you to take the next step, do the next thing, toward       achieving your goal when no one else is around.

Commitment is hard.

Commitment is worth it.

Commitment eventually yields success!

What have you committed to? How did you handle your emotions, choices and actions when being committed got hard? What are some ideas or strategies you have used to stay committed?

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