laughter family, parents, teesLaughter is Great for any relationship, but especially with your teens and tweens when conversations don’t seem as easy.

Sometimes we are so serious with our kids and while serious conversation’s are important,  we also need to laugh and just have some tension reducing and relationship building silliness.

This was much easier when they were little.  But here are three great apps to check out.(Bonus: your tween or teen will be impressed with your tech savvy self when you share a cool app with them!)

Hint:  Make it fun by saying in a very serious tone, ” I have something I want to talk about with you…”

kid thinks:  “uh-oh, am I in trouble??”

Sit them down and then pull out your phone and open up one of these apps!

Three Apps for Laughs: talking carlTalking Carl:  (free -IPhone & Android) Talking Carl is a funny guy who repeats  and mimics anything you say in his clever voice who had us in stiches when our son was a teen.

A terrific memory is when bunch of his football buddies met at our home before heading out for the eveing, while waitng for everyone to arrive, Zack pulled out my phone and opened up the app.  Suddenly, there were 3 huge teenage guys, standing around our island  making silly comments, words and sounds just to hear Talking Carl repeat them.  Belly laughs followed!  and they actually stayed for an additional half hour just reveling in their silliness.

iFunFace-Talking-PhotosiFunface: Remember JibJab, the hysterical online video of dancing elves and Santa’s that surfaces each Christmas?  iFunFace is similar in that you can put your face onto a funny character and make your own video.

This is fun to do as families and share with friends.  so don’t wait till the holidays for some video fun and laughter.


crazy mouth app-itunesCrazy Mouth: (lite: free  or $1.99 -IPhone & Android) This app is similar to  Jimmy Fallon’s hysterical mouth switch sketch he does on The Tonight Show, only easier!

Pick from different animated mouths and place iPhone or iPad in front of your mouth and let the animated mouth and voice take over. Do this together with each of you having an iphone and you will barely be able to contain the laughter.

Have fun with your kids!  Laugh together using their favorite technology and make some memories! I would love to hear how you use these and the ways they help you connect with your kids.

Feel free to share any other apps you have used for belly laughing, tension reducing, stress relieving fun! comment below or share on Facebook!

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