isaiah 43:1That’s my nametag.  That’s your nametag too. No matter what, this truth remains.  And that is enough.  if… we allow it to be.

John coached our daughter Emily for years and I remember watching the young girls on his soccer team bloom under his kindness, encouragement and instruction.  They reveled and rested in his delight in them and in the midst of  being with them, John was able to remind these girls that they were special… just because…

I remember many soccer matches when Emily would do something well, a great pass, defensive move or take action on some coaching John had given her and in those moments she would look to her dad.. she would seek his face… anxious for the delight, approval and love in her fathers eyes.  This was as natural as breathing.

Our desire to be seen, loved and delighted in…known. And No matter what her actions were on the field, I would catch him watching her at times, face beaming, eyes crinkled with smile lines- dimply captivate by her.  Emily just being herself, quirky, stubborn, delightful… His!

These are the images floating in my mind as read today’s Lent study from She Read Truth.

I imagine God whispering , “I see you”  – not  in a “you better watch out, and be good” kinda way, – but  “I see you, I know all about you and delight in you.” Nothing you do can make Me love you more, or love you less… I love you – totally completely-the good, the yuck and the not so pretty-because you are Mine.”

I imagine Him saying, “live for My eyes…you are Mine and that is enough.”

In the midst of the chaos and the frenzy of life I think we all want to know we matter, that our lives and actions  make a difference. But sometimes when  I make connections, network, blog, serve, and offer my gifts, it is more about trying to BE enough, about making sure I matter, than simply offering all I am for an Audience of One, and trusting Him for the rest.

In my journal this morning I wrote, “God, you see me in secret, You know my heart.  You know what I do that looks good but is more for show than for You, and You know those actions born from a desire to please You alone.. and You know all the in-betweens- which most of them are, I think! Help me fix my eyes on You. Help me rest in the truth of your words, “you are Mine, and that is enough.”

What if we leaned into the truth of what our nametag says, “His” “God’s Precious Daughter, He knows our name!” and really let it soak in?  What if all our the acts of kindness, courage, love justice, service, were done for Him, and His glory,  no matter what the results? My heart sighed just now as I wrote those words… I could have peace, rest, even courage to be real if I lived into that truth. Does it sooth your soul a bit?

The pressure is off, we don’t have to perform.  Just be-ing you is enough. He looks on you, His Precious Daughter, with delight and everlasting love.  Let’s soak it in. The song He Knows My Name, by Francesca Battistelli runs through my mind.

Emily treasured and bloomed under the delighted gave of her father’s love… oh how I want to do the same with our Good and Gracious God.

What pressures and wondering could you lay down if you wore this nametag with pride?

Imagine basking in the delighted gaze of God… what stirs in your heart?

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  1. Denise Fray

    Hello my name is… by Matthew West is the song that comes to mind when I read your post. It states “Hello my name is child of the one true King”. What a wonderful thing to be. Thank you for the reminder!!


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