On December 1st, my friend Jenny Flintoft (Dir of AWHW) wrote a comment about the fact that kids all over the world were opening the fist day of their Advent calendar.  She was commenting on a 40 days of focus challenge AWHW is doing to help AHWW  stay focused and productive during this Holiday season… a unique challenge for work at home women! Jenny always provides incredible insight and success tips but this one got me thinking…

Advent Calendars and Anticipation… what a great visual for our 40 days of Focus!

Advent is a time of anticipation!

Advent reminds us to anticipate what is coming this month rather than waiting till January to get back to being focused on our business and personal goals. Anticipation makes our hearts beat faster, and we are anxious to take action in hopes of making things happen sooner or faster!

This visual of the Advent Calendar gave me an idea for the next 24 days… Most people wait till Jan 1 to start a personal growth, fitness/health or new biz strategy… what if I picked one thing to work on each day when I “opened your “personal growth/fitness/health/business advent calendar” each morning? What would December 25th bring?

Yesterday, I added a new fitness routine to my life… a daily one, rather than a “when I have time for it” one…Surprised
Like most people, I usually wait and start a new routine on January 1st, but this fall I became healthier than I have been in 8 years, and was able to be physically active again! I have been walking and running a bit, just found out about a New Year Day 5k race and decided I wanted to do it, so I started running again Dec 1. It felt really good to take action a month before the usual date of Jan 1 when the world wakes up to the New Year and remembers goals and dreams!

My invitation is to you is to join me! Set a goal for the 25th, and then open your “advent calendar” everyday -i.e. take action everyday toward that goal till Dec 25th anticipating reaching your goal and then enjoy and celebrate the results of all you accomplished while most of the world took off or spent December harried and hassled and postponed growth and progress till Jan 1.

My business advent calendar: one of my 40 days of focus goals was to start a blog talk radio show… I had thoughts of waiting till Jan, since it hasn’t gotten done yet, but with the advent calendar visual, I am going to just do it… one step each day to get it up an going with shows each week! No more waiting… just anticipating and action taking for this girlWink

Action Taking Advent Season is my mantra for the next 24 days! Setting me up for hitting Jan 1 already in stride, not trying to “finally” get started.


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  1. vanessa Jordan

    That was a great blog, I loved it!! You are an amazing woman Susie Miller! I appreciate everything you have done for me, and are doing for me, as your friend wrote in the note you shared, I will use the stumbling blocks that are put in my way as stepping stones, I will start calling my support instead of curling up in the bed everything I feel like giving up, life is no different for me than other people out there, matter of fact other people have had greater obstacles to overcome, and I will be one of those people, I refuse to give in, or give up. Thank you for the inspiration today. I am so glad I found this incredible page!! You are a God send to my life Susie, and I proudly call you my friend!!
    Vanessa Jordan



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