Keep your eyes on Jesus the Pioneer and Perfecter of our faith

As I look back over my shoulder, as well as ahead of myself on the path, I remember many faces that comprise my personal cloud of witness who choose the life of faith and testify to its reward.  Some are still living beckoning me forward; others have died, each testifies to the rewards of keeping our eyes on Jesus.

 Who are in your stands.. who makes up your cloud of witnesses, helping you journey on in Faith?

These are mine:

John: who daily sacrifices, loving in word and deed, exemplifying a steadfast faith

Mom:  who consistently prays for me and repeatedly offers her faith for me to mortgage

Dad: who long ago taught me to pray, encouraged me to think, and awaits our reunion in Heaven

Denise: knows me well and walks beside me, reminding me of God’s presence in the daily-ness of life.

April, Beth, Denise, Lynda, Michelle, Reb: offer me grace and encourage me to turn my eyes upon Jesus

Patricia:  discipled me, taught me to study the scriptures, to worship, and to listen to the Holy Spirit.

Grandma: shared her simple faith singing hymns as she worked, while looking forward to heaven

Grandfather: who lived a life of faithfulness and integrity amidst persecution and hardship

Mark and Aleta: sojourn with us in ministry, in parenting, in marriage… with them we share our dreams

Debbie and Bill: faithful friends with a serving hearts, we share our children…our struggles…our lives

Annie: who with curiosity and insight invites me to grow, to risk, and to trust

Stephanie:  whose humility and honesty draws me to my knees

Denise A.: walks with me, refusing to be fooled committed instead to reflecting the truth about God, life, & me

Steve:  who sees & speaks the truth, and repeatedly exhorts me toward active, repentant love of God and others

Karen: whose zeal and love colored my years as a young wife and encouraged me to embrace my uniqueness

George MacDonald: whose writings convict and encourage the eyes of my soul to be focused on Christ

  1. S. Lewis: whose imagination and stories give me glimpses of God

John Stott: whose book The Cross of Christ forever altered my view of its grace

Larry Crabb: whose book Inside Out started me on a new path of repentance and discipleship

Henri Nouwen: whose vulnerable tenderness invites me to contemplation and prayer

Cameron MacIntosh: his profound lyrics and music in Les Miserables stirs my soul to hope for heaven

Michael Card: whose music spoke with profound tenderness and conviction into my crisis of faith

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