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You can have a successful Marriage & Business! Sure it takes work, and quite honestly it IS worth it!  Not to be pessimistic, but it is costly to end a marriage and even more expensive when a business in involved.  In fact, many times the business falters and/or fails as a result of a marriage ending.

Honestly, there were times in our 32 year marriage when I wasn’t sure if we would make it to our next anniversary. In fact, during one very difficult season,  the reality of the emotional, financial, and relational costs of a divorce caused us to pause and wake up to the impact of the choice NOT to work on a better marriage. 

We don’t get married thinking we will fight, fall out of love, not like our spouse, wish we weren’t married… none of this enters our mind as we run through the shower of rice or bubbles on the way to our honeymoon getaway car!  Smiles, hope, laughter, and love punctuate the day.

Then real life happens… and our marriage shows tears, cracks, and even craters between spouses.  Public Service Announcement: This is NORMAL!  It means you are actually IN the relationship.

Two people living together, loving, becoming, struggling with the stuff of life are inevitably going to get on each others nerves, disappoint each other, anger, frustrate, and hurt each other as well.  We are human after all.

The good news is, if you know this is a normal part of growth and love, you can face it head on when conflict erupts AND even prepare for it ahead of time!

Learning each others personalities styles is a huge bonus and a great place to start!  I use some great tools to help all my couples understand themselves and their spouses better…AND it always Reduces Conflict (by about 1/3) and Increases Intimacy! Not a bad place to start…right?

Before you get to the end of your rope.

Before you throw in the towel.

Before you give up on you marriage…

I want to encourage you to consider working on strengthening your marriage.  After all this is the person you couldn’t live without! The one you wanted to spend all your time with!  The love of your life…isn’t it worth some effort and work to rekindle your romance and remain married? Even, married with business!

For some GREAT insights from a couple who do Married with business well, check out my Podcast interview with Dan and Joanne Miller of 48 Days!



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