Show your appreciation with words that touch his heart and remind him just how grateful you are that he is your dad! Your words will mean the world to him.


Deep down we all want to know our lives have an impact.

I peeked into the sunroom, to check up on our son Zack and his friend Paul. Well past the supervised “play date” stage, I wanted to be aware of what was going on, without hovering. Zack and Paul had their noses pressed against the window fascinated with something outside. Peering over their heads, I saw my husband, John, tinkering with the lawn mower; apparently it needed fixing. Suddenly, Zack turned to Paul and exclaimed, “My Dad is a Superhero! He can fix anything… watch!”

Smiling, I tucked this accolade away to share with John later, knowing these words would touch his heart. Inside every man is the boy who once dreamed of being a superhero! Hearing your son call you a Superhero, is about as good as it gets!

Dads aren’t often the subject of accolades, praise, and encouragement. Even football stars, whose fathers spent years practicing and playing with them, look into the camera with a face wide grin and say “Hi Mom!”

I’ve thought about the draw of Super Heroes. Deep down we all want to know our lives have an impact. Many of my clients and friends wish they heard these three things from their kids and get misty eyed wishing they had said them to their fathers. Think about the way you would finish these three sentences and then make it a point to say them to your dad–I promise you will make his day!

3 Things to say to your Dad Before It’s Too Late:

“You are my Super Hero, I love it when you ______” Fill in the blank with an action, activity or characteristic they excel at. Examples: Coach my team, fix things I break, taught me how to throw, swing a bat, play the guitar, were there when I became a dad, still swap baseball stats with me, love on my wife and kids, or treasure my mom. Anything your dad did for your, does for you or with you, just because he is your dad, qualifies him for Super Hero status.

“Thank you for doing/helping me with ______.” Fill in the blank with specific, but often unappreciated, things your dad did or still does. So much of a father’s energy is spent on unseen or routine responsibilities. Even if they love their day jobs, it comes with stress, struggle, and worries. Have you ever just said “Thanks Dad, for going to work every day, even when you don’t feel like it.” or “Thanks Dad, for all that your career provided for me as your kid. Stuff like food, electricity, a place to live, gas for all the carpools… etc! Without your hard work, we wouldn’t have them! “ We often take for granted the essentials of life provided by a father’s hard work.

Think back to your younger years. After a long day of work, dads also dive into homework, coaching, household chores, and all things parenting, without any expectation of being acknowledged or appreciated. Whether they admit it or not, praise is always welcome and helps quell their doubts of doing enough.

“I love you because you are______.” Fill in the blank with a character trait you love about your dad. Maybe he is funny, has a sense of humor, or is willing to be silly. Did you know not all dads are?

Take a few minutes and think about these three important things to say to your dad.

Your dad may be patient, have a servant’s heart, be easy going, a nature lover, ambitious, detail oriented. What are two or three traits you love about him? Be specific and think of an example to share with him. You might say, “Dad, I love that you have a great sense of humor and tell corny jokes; my friends love to come over when you are around because they never know what you will come up with!” “Thanks!” and “Wow!” are things your dad doesn’t often hear.

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