Teamwork can make or break your success in business.   Well run, efficient, and collaborative teams improve client experience, increase productivity and expand your profits.  Conversely, teams characterized by strife, dissent and competition, can derail a project, damage client relationships, and drain your bottom line.

In fact the acronym for TEAM:  Together Everyone Achieves More remains true whether the team is moving in a positive or negative direction. Teams characterized by positivity, cooperation and camaraderie,  yield greater success in all these area.  Similarly, negativity, competition and drama among teams can grow exponentially.

As a CEO, manager, professional in private practice, business owner or entrepreneur, your team building skills profoundly impact your success. These 3 simple ways can help increase team effectiveness and productivity.

1. Require Communication

Effective teams are marked by excellent communication between one another, and with upper management. Leaders who encourage honest dialogue, feedback, questions, brainstorming facilitate a culture of clarity and cooperation.  When teams learn and employ effective communication skills, they learn to interact effectively, are better able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each teammate and enjoy better morale.

 2. Reward Collaboration

When team members know that cooperation and collaboration are rewarded they are more likely to share ideas, feedback and help one another succeed. Collaborative teams take advantage of synergy and the multiplied brain trust  that comes from working together. This yields innovative ideas, improved systems, inspired concepts to grow your business and improve client satisfaction and retention. While competition shuts down creativity, undermines cooperation and breeds discord.

3. Reinforce Connection

Team members spend a significant part of each day together, yet these relationships are often haphazard and uncultivated. RElationships wTeams that maximize their productive have a sense of connection and camaraderie.  Encouraging this through team building exercises, off the clock get togethers, lunches meetings focused on personal interests, hobbies, and goals all breed a culture of trust and personal investment in each other and the team productivity and success.

Focusing on these three elements to your business, workplace, private practice or even among virtual assistants, can dramatically impact your teams productivity and increase your profits.

Which of these three areas needs the most focus in your business?





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