If you have been on my site, twitter or FB page in the past few days, then you know about the loss of a dear friend.  God laid it on my heart this morning to do 1 day at a time, extended wellness journey both personally and with others. so i am offeirng the 25-25-25- Wellness Challenge.  (this is not just about physical health-  it is so much more! so check out the details at http://bit.ly/bNUqFk  a post on  my blog at Miller Wellness.

25-25-25 Wellness Challenge will give you FREE Coaching, training, give-aways… but more importantly- the chance to wake up on Christmas day in a different place because you made 1 choice each day!

This is a gift to you and to anyone you would like to shre it with- in honor of lives lost too soon, and gratitude for the gift of life that continues. time for some much needed down time… and self care!

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