annie matt and girls“The bond that links  your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life…” (Richard Bach)

a week ago, today…we drove Annie, Matt and the twins (Sam and Alex) to their new home in Charlotte, North Carolina…spent the week unpacking, painting, and decorating their great new house…laughing, and crying over the changes that life brings…anticipating new adventures for them, reminiscing old times together, thinking aloud about the impact on our kids of the 6 hour drive between our homes…saddened at the loss of  sharing the daily-ies of life.

today, as i prepare to fly back home, there are few words to express the ambivalence in my heart…we are so excited for them and the new life they will build here in NC…we will miss them terribly… we love them so…

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